The harsh air conditions

Living in the northeast, our Wintertime weather often starts up and lasts for 8 straight weeks.  By the end of November, it’s not unregular for the outside temperature to constantly drop below freezing.  All of us then easily deal with tons of snow, sub zero cold temperatures and very vicious wind chill. The seasonal outdoor air becomes overly dry, and the indoor conditions are much worse each day.  I’m forced to keep the furnace blasting just about non stop. The forced air furnace then fundamentally and entirely pulls moisture out of the air, creating concerns with humidity. When the indoor air is excessively dry, it feels colder, which leads to higher thermostat settings each day.  I end up paying higher utility bills, putting more wear and tear on the furnace, and yet somehow the new home isn’t perfectly comfortable. Plus, the dry air causes health concerns over time, aggravating symptoms of asthma and allergies and making my family more generally vulnerable to illness.  It’s also more taxing to get over a freezing or flu in an overly dry environment. Because I spent a fortune to purchase and install the furnace, and now continue to devote half of my budget to utility bills, I was reluctant to to purchase another expensive system – a whole-house humidifier. However, the concerns with indoor air pollen levels made it necessary to me.  I consulted with a local Heating as well as Air Conditioning contractor, who recommended a brand new steam-style humidifier. This type of air quality accessories converts water to hot steam and introduces it into the indoor environment. It unquestionably handles my larger house and accurately allows customized setting. With the humidifier running, the house feels far warmer each day, and I’ve been able to reduce my daily utility bills.   

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