My doc’s a/c filter issues

I task in a terribly busy doctor’s office. I am actually the office manager, and I am in charge of the day-to-day Office business! For a vast majority of the time, I task on billing issues. The other week, I was busy with a rather strange problem! Our doctor’s office has an air filtration component installed. The air filtration component is large part of our Heating and Air Conditioning machine. The air filtration component removes 99.99% of bacteria and pathogens that lurk in the doctor’s office. Every one of us always see people who are very sick and disfigured. The air filtration component helps lower the spread of these germs, and unfortunately, the air filtration component stopped working last week. The wall control component hub had a small lightning bolt that was appearing. I didn’t even know what the small lightning bolt meant, so I had to consult the owner’s manual for our Heating and Air Conditioning machine and air filtration unit. Every one of us keep all of the information in the office, so I just had to find the manual. I spent over an hour searching for the information, and finally just consulted the internet. I searched for lightning bolt on wall control unit, and I found the problem quickly. The lightning bolt was a symbol that signifies a problem with our air filtration unit. The lightning bolt basically tells us that our air filtration machine needs service. I contacted the business who installed our Advanced Heating and Air Conditioning machine and air filtration unit. I told them the lightning bolt was showing on the machine. They easily scheduled an appointment for the following day. Our air filtration system was in need of a new air filter and a really thorough cleaning.

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