A very hot gas fireplace

I entirely enjoy the Winter season holidays. I easily adore putting up Christmas lights plus a holiday tree. I adore the frigid weather, snow, plus even the snowy roads. I do not mind when the temperatures are ice-cold, because the people I was with and I have two heating devices in our residence. The people I was with and I have a really great gas furnace, which is only a few years old. The gas furnace is ducted to the entire residence plus supplies plenty of heat throughout. The people I was with and I also have a fireplace located in the den. The fireplace provides a great deal of warmth to the residing room, family room, plus den. This year for Christmas, the people I was with and I made the choice to hang up stockings for our three little doggies. The holiday stockings were filled with toys, treats, plus rawhide bones. Merely days after the stockings were hung, the people I was with and I had some incredibly freezing temperatures. The people I was with and I used the fireplace very heavily, during that time. The animal stockings totally melted. The rawhide bones started to melt inside the plastic stocking. There was a gooey mess in the stocking, plus everything was easily covered in slime. I don’t really know for certain if the fireplace was too blazing hot, however I’ve never seen animal bones melt in my life. The people I was with and I even take the doggies camping in summertime. None of their bones have ever melted in the extreme heat or humidity. I decided to take the stocking back to the pet store. They were just as astounded to see melted rawhide. They provided to give myself and others a full refund or updatement. We still wanted stockings for our fur babies, so I chose updatement stockings. When the people I was with and I got back to our residence with the new stockings, the people I was with and I decided not to put them back up by the fireplace out of fear they might melt again.

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