The thermostat changed everything over

I’m constantly telling my partner to set the control device as well as leave it be, at least that’s what I say all the time.  Keeping her hands off the heat control on the control device is proving to be rather impossible. She is consistently increasing the control device to her desired climate control settings.  Unfortunately, it is not the settings that I prefer. I ask her to wear a sweater around the residence instead of turning on the heat, although she always complains. With so much heat coming out of the A/C machine vents, I basically always feel like a roasted marshmallow.  I explain to her that consistently switching up the temperature at the control device is not the most cost-efficient way for her to get comfortable with her favorite temperature control. In fact, properly changing the temperature at the control device costs more in the long-run as well as it shows all the time on our heating bill.  I’ve promised to purchase a portable heating machine just for her, if she leaves the control device alone. In fact, I’ve been reading about some especially cool air purification systems that will also emit heat or chilled air. I hope that having her own air purification system will be enough as well as improve my air quality, but at the same time improve her favorite temperature control desires.  There are air purification systems available now that will not only fix our air quality, but they will also create a warmer temperature control for her. A warmer temperature control for her, as well as a higher air quality for the two of us. Three issues taken care of with the price of only a single air purification system. Then maybe, she’ll leave my control device alone and we will be alright.

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