Need help with the water heater

Yesterday, I was cleaning up the dishes and found the water dangerously hot. No matter how I use the faucet, I could only get scalding sizzling water. I absolutely realized this was a water heater issue as well as hurried over to the basement. I easily found the floor flooded with some water. It was clear that the water tank ruptured as well as all of us were really lucky there was no fire. I have roughly shut down the pump, which left our entire Place separate from water. I also contacted my partner to help. All of us needed to substitute our water heating device. All of us were very reluctant to pay for the plumbing service price to install the new water. All of us thought it would be better to tackle that project on our own. There were no hardware stores open, because it was very late inside of the evening. All of us suffered separate from flushing toilets, running water, as well as showering. My family used some bottled Evian to clean our hands as well as brush up our teeth. On the very next day, all of us were quite sad to have the water heating system installed. My partner as well as myself easily drove to a hardware store as well as looked up the size as well as friend of water heating system. I Googled some information on my Android, while my partner was talking to the person working at the plumbing store. We got a good idea of the type of water heater that we needed.

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