Our heater is a real pain in the butt

A natural gas oil furnace is easily the most popular style of oil furnace.  Compared to other types of fuels, natural gas is fairly cheap & cost effective.  A forced air method allows for both heating & cooling capability, & with recent advancements, oil heating systems have become exceptionally energy efficient. I’m not satisfied with the heating and cooling in my up-to-date home, which is equipped with a duct method & gas oil furnace.  The giant duct method is such a waste of space, & it’s a source of energy waste. In the majority of homes, the ducts are responsible for energy losses of approximately thirty percent. Tiny holes, leaks at the seams & terrible design significantly impact the workload & efficiency of the oil furnace.  Plus, any buildup of dust or debris within the duct method restricts airflow & affects running costs, indoor air pollen levels & comfort. The air traveling through the ducts creates a good deal of noise. As the heated air is blown from supply registers, it tends to rise upward. The warmest temperature in the room is constantly at the ceiling, which is entirely pointless because no one can feel it.  Temperature stratification & fluctuation is a downside of a forced air method & encourages higher control equipment settings. There’s also the fear of combustion byproducts, such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide & formaldehyde. Contaminants from the ducts are often introduced into the breathing air, leading to health complications. Another problem with a forced air method is that it tends to dry out the air.  It’s necessary to invest in professional oil furnace & duct method repair to keep the entire heating method running safely, reliably & efficiently. I also need to update the air filter every month.

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