Want a new cooling unit

We couldn’t convinced my father to purchase an a.c. unit until I was 14–we were the last family in our neighborhood… It was our mother who pushed him over the edge, though can modestly say my various siblings plus myself were partly responsible. My brothers and sisters and I tried various methods. Through faking fainting spells, my siblings and I tried to worry him . With our youngest sibling, by far the best actress in the family (who usually got her way with Poppa) we rehearsed in the dining room. After that, we tried to shame him by telling him none of our friends had sweat pouring down their shirts. He’d just laugh plus say, “You sweat plus you want to cool off? Sit in front of the fan.”

  No, it was Momma who had the last word, so to speak. See, Momma was a woman of few words. Instead she had a way of making her intentions known with her eyes. Growing up, we were more scared of her quiet stare than Poppa’s blustering. To this day we were convinced this is how Poppa finally folded, couldn’t eat at the table facing his steadfastly silent partner. It was various years later that all of us kids figured how Momma really got Poppa to come back to the cottage one afternoon, hollering up the stairway for help, with a brand new air conditioning unit. The people I was with and I finally put the clues together at a family celebration. Poppa was sleeping on the couch for the longest time plus miraculously found his way back to the sleeping in bed the afternoon the AC was installed.

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