Home needs moisture in the air quality

I love to hang things on our wall. I will use nails, hammer or sometimes all kinds of masking tape or even packing tape, depending on what it is. What I dislike most is when i need to use any kind of sticky tape plus it keeps drying out plus the item. Then whatever it is falling down because of the heating plus a/c drying it out! This actually woke me up to an issue that has nothing to do with hanging things up in the house… That is, that the air quality in our condo is pretty dry. However it explains a lot of other non related problems my boyfriend and I had–including our pollen irritations plus skin being dry all the time. The fact that sticky tape dried out meant that I had absolutely dry indoor air conditions coming from our house’s heating plus cooling system. It happens more so from the heating than the cooling which makes the indoor air conditions pretty darn dry in here… Having dry indoor air conditions causes a lot of potential problems with getting sick actually as well. I think I am going to need to go out plus buy some kind of humidifier. I’m not sure if it be one from the store that you plug into the wall, or if I should call our local heating plus cooling shop to have a heating plus cooling specialist come out to instal a professional humidifier into our heating plus cooling system. That way, the moist air will come out into the condo with the heating plus a/c in here.


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