The tropical air cooling plan

I used to go to tropical islands for getaway; I wanted white sand beaches, rum in a coconut and to come home with a fantastic tan. Today I have moved onto colder locations now. I want to hike in the wild, see amazing architecture and experience modern culture, and you would suppose that being in colder locations would mean the hotels are colder too. Yet in reality, the temperature control of the hotels are reversed. In the tropics, all hotels had the A/C system cranked. All of those hotels would allow the room user to turn off or increase the A/C if they needed to, thankfully for me. Each room had its own temperature control and the A/C was never an issue. The colder locales I have visited were all heavily heated. The heating system was set as high as 80 degrees or more. I suppose this was to keep the person comfortable after being in the cold all day. I have to say though, I got used to the cold and the heavy heating was awful. The problem is is that all the hotels I stayed in used radiators. The radiators were just sizzling water flowing through piping and released through a vent in our room. There was no temperature control or knob to control the flow of heating too. Getting any natural air was a no, since the hotel also had the windows latched so snug. I felt as though I was going to die of overheating, how funny is that? I was a little too cold in the tropics with the air conditioner.  Yet I was super sizzling all day, everyday in the colder climates due to the hotel radiator.


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