Losing the boiler during classes

For my dance studio I rent the basement of a grocery store. Then I get the rent dirt cheap and I should… The lavatory the store maintains is super gross at all times. The light fixtures frequently fall down and shatter. The tiles are coming up and the whole venue is filthy. The heating unit is the icing on the cake though. The store uses a boiling water boiler for heating. The boiler is stored in a utility closet in the basement. In the Winter, the basement gets superior heating, when it works! About once a year the boiler has a major issue: one of the pipes on the boiler cracks or bursts all together! When this happens I know immediately, because I come to work and there is dirty water all over the floor. I have to hurry and save all my equipment. I then need to beg a grocery store employee to mop the water. Then I teach classes around the dirty water and try not to get my students to step in it. The heating issue is on going after this. I have to bug the manager of the store about the boiler repair everyday. The grocery store is not real on it with service; it usually takes them about a month to get a heating supplier over to look at the boiler. Then the guy has to update the pipe on the boiler which takes a while. Then the whole studio still needs to be cleaned, even after the  boiler is back up and running. Honestly, you would suppose at this point the boiler would be all up-to-date with the number of furnace repairs it has had.

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