Worried about the HVAC treatment

I rented an apartment out to a entirely nice girl a few years ago! I pride myself on keeping my rent payments affordable, and I recognized that this certain  occupant had recently graduated from college and was just getting her feet wet in the big working world… She was entirely grateful for the low rent payments, even though I explained that things like the electric bill and the maintaining of appliances as well as the HVAC plan was up to her. I have to say that on the times that I came by to inspect the property, I could see that she kept a tight ship. She was a really cleanly person, and I appreciated that. There was just one problem when it came to how well she worked on the home, though. She had a bad habit of neglecting the HVAC system. She was notorious for forgetting to change the air filters, and would often be reminded of the need to change them only after the amount of dirt that accumulated in the plan caused a large problem, however because of her negligence, she began to resent that HVAC maintenance was not included in the rent, as she felt that he was paying too much money for the HVAC system’s upkeep. I tried to explain to her that if she had properly changed her air filters and or signed up for a maintenance plan, she would not have ended up spending so much money to ensure that the HVAC plan was running well, but eventually, the problem with the HVAC plan got so bad that she ended up moving out, and I was left with having to repair it for my next occupant.

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