Smart thermostat is the right move

Before I installed a smart thermostat in my home, I would waste so much money on my energy bill every month, however before leaving for work, I could not be bothered to remember every single day, to walk to the thermostat and shut the air off before leaving, even if I did remember to shut the air conditioner off, I would still end up walking into a warm house, and have to wait for the air conditioner to crank back up again… After a long day’s work, I would much like to walk through the door and get a blast of chilled air right away.Then, there is the problem that every, single, solitary time I want to change the temperature, I have to go to the thermostat in the hallway to adjust it, I can’t tell you how many times I have been ready for bed, studying a book, and getting ready to go to sleep, only to find out that it was a little too warm for my liking, and have to get up and walk all the way to the thermostat on the other side of the house.When I discovered the convenience of smart thermostats, I was sold. How nice would it be for me to be able to adjust the temperature of my thermostat from my computer or tablet, even when I wasn’t home to begin with! This meant that even if I forgot to turn the air off before I left for work, with just a few taps on my PC, I could shut it down when I arrived at work. Even better, I could now set a programming schedule, so that the smart thermostat would automatically shut down the air as I leave for work, and then turn it back on 20 minutes before I arrive back new home at the end of the day!

smart thermostat

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