The poor destroyed air filter

It had been a long time coming when I finally had enough money available last month to buy an entirely new air conditioner and oil furnace for our house.   I had attempted to get by for many years on an old air conditioner that was inefficient and simultaneously incapable of pulling much if any moisture out of the air.  Naturally, I had been saving for a better HVAC system, however I didn’t see much use in getting anything strange like a dual proposal heat pump or even a boiler for the wintertime months.  When the HVAC business finished the upgrade of our new system, they gave me this unusual looking metal frame air handler filter to use with. They told me that it was reusable and that all I needed to do was run it under a sink or a house to wash it out in between uses.  But something seemed wrong when our air conditioner froze up two months later, just sixty days after it was first installed. I initially reached for my smartphone with the intent to call the HVAC business who sold it to me and installed our equipment, but a wiser part of myself and others got a better hold on the situation and decided that I should get a second opinion on our issue in the off change of any minimal foul play going on.  I explained our situation to the company at the new company and he told me that it all started with the allegedly reusable fiberglass filters. They’re not dense enough to efficiently trap dust and other microbial particles and allows considerable amounts of dust to pass through straight into the evaporator coil undetected until the proposal completely shuts down some random day. I had the new company replace the evaporator coil and I moved to allergen filters for inside our house.  

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