Need to deduce the heater issue

When I got a e-mail from my mom this afternoon, I read it, plus ignored it.  All it said was, “how do I use spell check?”, this didn’t seem important at more than five in the afternoon so I figured I would call her a bit later.  The next thing I knew, my cellphone was ringing plus I couldn’t ignore that. I saw it was mom so I sat up in bed to answer the call. She must have been up for a while because she was talking a mile a minute when I answered.  She was all fired up about a Letter to the Editor she was composing. The topic of the afternoon, the rising cost of fuel plus house heating costs. She had gotten a notice from her energy supplier saying that in the coming year her cost would be rising by 5 percent.  Now, to you plus me, this may not seem love much, however to my mom it is substantial. She is on a easily narrow budget so I can understand her concerns. I told her how to spell check a word plus then ask if I could call her back after I got a cup of coffee. I needed to be more alert to deal with her rant.  While pouring my coffee I started to guess of ways to help her with savings on her rising energy cost. I can’t make gas plus electric cost less but, I can make arrangements for her house to have plus energy assessment from the local Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C dealer. They can come in plus see where every one of us need to insulate more,  seal windows plus doors, plus even suggest things love upgrading the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C itself to make the condo more energy efficient. If I enlist the help of my siblings every one of us can pay for this service plus then mom would easily be saving on her bill instead of paying more.

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