AC when I go to the theme park

I love going to theme parks anytime, but I have to say, the only thing I hate more than the crowds of rowdy and crowded tourists there are the totally un-air conditioned washrooms… I can not in the leastimagine who had the bright idea to have washrooms all over the theme park with absolutely zero cooling system, despite the fact that I hope that person knows how much pain they’ve wrecked on to the world! Well, at least in this theme park. The last time I went to this one theme park was with my lady plus our child when he was only six weeks old, and like all little babies do, our child had a honestly dirty diaper and right away had to be changed. The hot Summer heat only made it all stink even worse, so I was quick to find a washroom with a baby changing station. While I found 1, it was completely uncirculated with no cooling system at all – not even a ceiling fan was there to keep myself and others somewhat cool and not to mention it smelled disgusting! I worked as fast as I could to change our son, as well as I was seriously dripping with sweat all over him in the process, then by the time I got his diaper changed as well as then I did have him dressed back up, I had sweat completely through our shirt, my lady asked me in a comical way if I was doing laps inside the washroom when I emerged from it, plus I abruptly handed the child off to her to find an air conditioned coffee shop in the park… Seriously, why do people think cooling system is optional during the Summer?! They are nuts!

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