Smart thermostat install went bad

My cousin is a certified, professional and very smart and crafty heating as well as cooling specialist at the town’s local HVAC corporation! A professional heating plus a/c specialist is another description for someone with expert-level knowledge of heating as well as the a/c technology, service plus repair; That’s how our cousin Joe constantly describes himself, anyway! My cousin Joe has been now working as a heating plus a/c specialist for many years now, plus he is often the a single consulted whenever a project runs into unexpected complications in a job… He was telling me about several to many weeks ago, he was called to check on an upgrade project happening at an office building downtown. The team ran into complications when they attempted to install smart thermostat temperature controls in many areas of the office, as advocated by the property manager of the place… My cousin Joe had to explain to the team that the issue wasn’t with the smart temperature controls, however with the request to have them installed! Apparently, you can’t install more than a single one smart temperature control thermostat on the wall – or more than a single thermostat temperature controls on the wall in general – if the wiring isn’t available for them to connect to the building’s entire HVAC system, but i would’ve never guessed how thermostat temperature controls on the wall even work, so that says a lot about what our uncle does for his HVAC service dealer! He is an amazing person to say the least!

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