Renting out a shop space

My friend is a hairstylist and wanting to open her own salon.  She has been leasing a chair in a local neighborhood for several years and her base has grown a lot.  She wanted to be able to offer her own products of her own choice, hire new specialists, and be in charge of her own schedule too. When we had been talking the other day she asked me if I would be interested in leasing section of her shop.  Now, I am a chef, not a hair stylist. I have run my own small business for 10 years and I have to admit, it would be nice to have my living area back. I asked her what she had in mind and she said that she would love a cafe connected to her salon so the ladies could come in for dinner with friends and have their nails or hair done at the same time.  Sort of a one stop relaxation day. She said that we could also coordinate bridal parties, birthday celebrations, and other parties too; It entirely sounded fantastically great and because she was purchasing the building every one of us could divide the area so it would work. After all, you wouldn’t want to smell all the chemicals from hair dye or acrylic nails while trying to eat dinner with your friends. You also would not want to become hungry by smelling lovely food creations while sitting under the hairdryer all together.  I could see her vision clearly and was extremely enthusiastic to develop the supplier system that would job for us. I would pay to lease my section from her and that would help her with her expenses too.

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