The furnace is the most important thing to me

I love the summer season so much, I just really wish I was staying somewhere where it warm season all year, and it’s so nice being able to go outside in shorts, a t-shirt, plus sandals! The parks are filled with things to do, and I love to take our bike out on trails. There is also a sizable lake down by where I live, plus heading over to the lake is such a blast for me. However, I live in a place that warm season is perhaps the shortest season.This always makes life hard on me, plus now I am legitimately sad that Fall is almost over as well. From here on for the next several long months, I will be locked away in confinement depending heavily on the luxuries of a oil furnace. It’s such a shame to barely have a season I enjoy so much, where I hardly ever need any Heating, Ventilation & A/C unit to keep myself and others warm, to become a shut-in for so long due to the constant frigid weather; Well, at least our parents keep up with their oil furnace. It’s really one of my boring chores to be responsible for the air filter; As soon as I go passed even one day of not changing out the air filter as I should, our parents get on me. I think they invest a lot in their Heating, Ventilation & A/C system though. They constantly have a licensed Heating, Ventilation & A/C service specialist inspect our oil furnace before the Winter season season is in full gear. At least if I am going to stuck indoors all Winter season long, at least I can be warm with the heated oil furnace running as it is designed to.

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