The furnace needs some help

My friend Joe is great, plus we get along so well, and all of us both grew up in the same state plus went to the same college, so we cheer for and hate the same teams. As a big athletic interests fan, this is good for me. As well, our partner Lisa gets along very well with Joe’s wife. All of us even have kids of the same age who are also friends. Since we all get along so well, there are many weeks of the year we are over at one another’s place. All of us will watch the game, our wives will talk about whatever they want to talk about, and our parents will keep themselves super busy playing random games on the computer. The only real issue any of us ever have is that they don’t keep up with their Heating in addition to A/C system better. All of us don’t want to be too rude to our friends, so we usually don’t mention that their oil furnace needs a service worker’s touch, however our home’s oil furnace means more to us then it does to them as we are truly cheap when it comes to its upkeep! However, I wish I could tell that they occasionally change out their air filter, however every time we go over there, we can instantly tell the air quality is off, and in the Winter season, we can also tell that their oil furnace isn’t nearly as powerful as ours is at all. It runs more than ours does, and even at the same thermostat setting, their apartment is not nearly as comfortable as ours feels. When in the Winter season, we try to have celebrations at our place due to our much healthier oil furnace, but it cannot always be prevented.

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