Heated floors at Airbnb:

Ever since my favorite bestie plus I checked into this Airbnb for the weekend, we have been blown away by the incredible features of this little house we stayed in. Accordingly, every holiday season, the two of us have made a tradition of going away for the weekend before Christmas. As is, my favorite bestie and I both have big families which can absolutely get a little overwhelming around this time of year. Although we love them dearly, we also need time to ourselves. So we tend to just go away anywhere within driving distance for a weekend, usually to a spa or a retreat of some kind to legitimately relax plus pamper ourselves. For this past weekend, our Airbnb in the mountains was one of the nicest sites we’ve stayed yet. The home was very cozy from the moment we walked in. The owner had a smart temperature control which was set for our estimated arrival time. When we took our snow boots off, we also noticed that the floors were also heated! It was so nice to be able to step out of our shoes plus onto tile kept sizzling by these radiant floors. Even in the food prep area, we could cook plus have our pop barefoot on the tile; as such they had installed these radiant floors all throughout the mountain retreat. Even more, outdoors was a hot tub, powered by the gas boiler which also operated all of the radiant floors. We would get into the heated tub in the day to watch the sunset with a glass of wine before supper, and girls time has never been nicer than at that Airbnb. However, I want to see if I could also do radiant floors in my condo.

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