Great cooling relief when we fish

When I was much younger, my best Josh and I, did a lot of playing down by the river.  We loved to go fishing even though we rarely caught a fish. When we did, we usually just threw them back in the river because they were either too small to keep, or it seemed like the right thing to do.  I think we just liked to get out and away from our parents, more than the fishing. I remember one time when we got a real catch. It was way better than any fish we had ever caught. We saw something odd sticking out of the  mud and we went to investigate. It was most hidden by shrubbery on the side of the road. Josh spied this fairly big box and it looked to be a bit battered. On closer inspection, we realized it was a window air conditioner. The AC was a bit worse for wear from being toss or lost off a truck, but we didn’t care.  We grabbed up that air conditioner and decided to take it home with us. The AC was really heavy for a couple of scrawny twelve year olds, but we got it back to Josh’s yard. Then we lugged that old air conditioner up into our treehouse. I ran home while he went into the garage, on a mission to find some extension cords.  After twenty minutes we high-fived the fact that our AC unit worked and we were the only kids in town with an air conditioned treehouse. Air conditioning never felt so good.

air conditioning

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