The boiler is too old now

My partner and I were well aware that there were going to be several problems, when we bought an old house.  We were also pretty sure that we would be able to deal with any problems that did come up. Our house was built back in the fifties and I think our boiler system was just as old.  It looked ancient, but it was still supplying us with hot water. We had a heating system that was run with hot water. Along with heating the house, the boiler also supplied all of the hot water for the house year round.  I was kind of iffy about the old gas boiler and leaning toward getting something more modern and more energy efficient. My partner was thinking along the same lines, but before we could put in the new boiler heating system, we knew we had to get rid of the old gas boiler system.  We bought the new hot water heater, and we were getting ready to get the new furnace unit. When we went downstairs to get the measurements, we weren’t even sure if we could get the new hot water in, let alone a new furnace. That old boiler was large and it was centrally located in the basement.  It was about four times the size of the new hot water heater and furnace, combined. We were both in a quandary and decided to call the HVAC company for their assistance.

hot water boiler

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