The fishing trip with no cooling

My friends and I used to hang out beneath the old bridge.  It may not have been the most brilliant idea we had, but we were teenage boys.  None of us drove and it isn’t like there was anyone else there to bother us. We got to use the dirty words that we couldn’t think in our homes.  We smoked cigarettes and we looked at the dirty magazines. We brought our fishing poles with us so our parents thought we were fishing. There were a couple of times when we were able to get some beer and we felt like we were tough guys.  One day, we had got to our favorite spot and we spotted an old air conditioner sticking out of the river mud. The AC unit had to have been dropped there overnight, because we knew that riverbank as well as we knew ourselves. We drug it out of the mud and got it up to the dry part of the river bank.  We talked about dragging it back to one of our houses and seeing if it ran, but that old air conditioner was really heavy. We got the AC about twenty feet up from the riverbank and dropped it. The air conditioner was boxy and we realized it would make a great seat, instead of sitting on the ground. The air conditioner also had these nifty air vents where we could tuck in the cigarette butts when we were done smoking.  It may not have been used for cooling, but the AC was definitely a cool set for us.

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