Sold heaters door to door

I recently got a new job selling space heaters.  It isn’t exactly my dream job, but it is a job and I get paid pretty well.  The unfortunate side of the job is that I have a route that takes approximately three months to complete and it needs to be done three times a year.  Right now, I am in the busiest time of the year. I need to sell a lot of heaters in order to pay for my own bills at home, and to be able to have a place to sleep and food to eat, while out on the road.  I cover a three state area, going to all different areas, peddling my heaters. In the winter and when it is nearing Christmas, business can be really good. They are small heaters and I can fit about three hundred on my van, at one time.  The space heaters make really cool Christmas gifts, so if I find the right buyers, I can sell several space heaters in one shot. If my inventory goes below one hundred, I just contact the main company, they send me a new shipment of space heaters to my current location.  It makes for a lucrative time of year, but I am still on the road. I do like being able to get a month off at a time, but until my dream job comes along, I do have a job. The space heaters are in my home, and I can get them at cost. That’s how I know how well the heaters work.  Nearly everyone in my family has their own personal space heater, thanks to the benefits of the job.

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