Wish my thermostat would work right:

I abhor turning on the heat in our apartment. Fortunately this unit in our building is a single of the more affordable models, which is to say it’s sort of in the middle with genuinely few windows. While having such little natural light is a bummer, having so few windows also means I’m not required to run the central gas furnace too often either in an attempt to stay warm! Thank goodness for that, because our heating plus cooling system has a single key problem; sure, it turns on plus works okay, but the complication is that it works a little too well. For the most part, I have to leave the Heating system totally off so it doesn’t run at all. I simply check the thermostat, plus only when it gets around 60, while in the daytime, do I finally turn it on… When I turn on the heating setting for the thermostat, it turns on without a fuss, as you can hear the click of the temperature control plus the soft rumble of the boiler heating up the water to warm the apartment. However, it doesn’t shut itself down once it reaches the desired temperature! So I’ll turn the heating onto 64, but if I don’t keep an eye on it our home will be as high as 78 degrees in just an hour. I don’t need it that warm at all because I just get overheated, which I do not need to be in the middle of October. If it’s snowing out, I just want to be warm in my home, not wearing shorts. I’ve called the property manager about it, even though he says as long as it turns the heating on plus off its not broken. I really just want a thermostat to control the heat like it should!

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