Have to keep a space heater handy

I adore this cool weather, but my partner does not love to shiver. When the temperatures drop below 70, she always starts to complain about the cold. The people I was with and I spend a fortune to cool our 17 room house, especially during the summer. I love to keep the heat low during winter, so I can save a few extra bucks. The temperatures here were legitimately freezing last week, so my partner was complaining loudly about the control component settings. I went through the last few bills, & I showed her the last few electric bill statements. I tried to reason with my partner about the climate control component settings. She agreed to keep the control component set at 70 degrees. I was surprised she stopped arguing so swiftly, because she does not usually let me prevail. The next afternoon, she had a small space gas furnace jammed in the dining room wall. The gas furnace has 3 temperature settings, & it’s really legitimately quiet. If it did not have a bright red light, I would not have noticed the space gas furnace laying by the bed. I informed my partner that it was too high-priced to run the space gas furnace all night. She told me it was far too freezing to sleep in the dining room. She gave me many additional solutions to my problem. She could sleep in the family room with the fireplace, or I could. She wasn’t going to budge on this. She was already bundled up in many heavy blankets with socks & a hoodie. I decided not to test her resolve. It was already late, & I knew it would be a long discussion. I gave in & drifted to sleep with the space gas furnace running.


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