The cooling unit is back in business

As a young kid, I lived up in the Pacific Northwest, in the heart of logging country… Our city was honestly small, and surrounded on all 4 sides by hundreds of thoUSAnds of acres of deep woods. On weekends, just to do something fun and different, our buddies and I would often go on long walks through the logging trails. We would wander through miles worth of lush, vibrant forest. We saw wildlife quite often, elk and deer mostly, and one time even a bear! It wasn’t care about we were doing anything in particular, we were just exploring the wooded world and seeing what we could find. One time we came across the weirdest thing, an old water heating system resting in the middle of the woods; Based on the heavy growth of vegetation around it, we guessed the heating system had been out there for several months, maybe even a year, but it was still in great enough condition. We could not do honestly very much with it, because water gas furnaces are pretty large and honestly heavy, but we wanted to at least do something with it. We threw rocks at it, then got some heavy sticks and pounded the side of the heater’s water tank trying to break it. This heating system was strong, but we could not provide up on trying to destroy it! Nearby was a sharp embankment that rolled down into a rocky creek littered with large stones, so we rolled the heating system down into the creek. It made a ton of noise, and entirely scared a lot of local animals, but the water heating tank still refused to even dent or crack even a little.

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