The road trip cooling

Remember those old, outdated commercials about the Maytag appliance repair man? Those young people out here don’t dig what I’m talking about, so let me explain. The corporation Maytag made all kinds of washers, dryers, and other appliances, and their SEO gimmick was that Maytag was so very reliable and dependable that their corporate repair lady never had anything to do. The Maytag repair woman was easily the most bored lady in the world, well that is how I guess while in December; Come the first of summer, I am busy and active, and business is back to booming, but for now I just have to hang around and wait, but no one particularly wants to buy a/cs while during December, do they? No one even runs their AC this time of year, and so no one ever has their a/c break down on them in the middle of winter. I still open up our AC sales and repair shop every single day, because I can’t just provide up on our business, but it is a long and slow month for me. Usually I take the time to do a deep cleaning of our store, reorganize all our inventory and stock, and prepare for the next wave of people needing a/cs or AC supplies. By the time the ice has melted and it is starting to get back to AC weather again, our shop looks great and is all ready for business, then every year it happens, and every year I freak out a little bit, but then eventually the shoppers return and people start needing me to help them with their a/cs once more.

heater and a/c

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