Locating our air conditioner equipment

My six year old dog Spots is by far my number one thing in the entire world; I rescued Spots when he was still a young and little puppy, plus ever since then the two of us have been pretty much inseparable. I take him along with me no matter where I ever need to go, plus I spoil him with lots of treats plus toys… That’s why this past month has been such a weird one, because for some weird reason, all of Spots’ toys had kept on disappearing one by one, with the last one disappearing a few days ago. I thought that either I was losing my whole mind, or that Spots was somehow eating his own toys. I would regularly check all over the house, yet find no trace of the dog’s toys. It wasn’t until the air conditioning system air handler in the dining room began to break down that I figured out what was actually happening.  When the air conditioning system had initially stopped working completely, I called over my dad who is a retired heating plus A/C repairman to come plus diagnose my illusive problem. It took him all of just two hours to find the problem once he took a look inside the air conditioning system itself… My dog Spots had apparently been shoving all of his toys up one of the air ducts, causing an air blockage in the entire air conditioning system, leading to the break down in the air handler. My dad had nice news plus also terrible news. The toys are all still in perfect condition, somehow, however the entire air conditioning system machine will need to be replaced. This was going to set myself back a thousand dollars at least. That little dog is lucky that I love him so much, but I think he is still going to be in doggy detention for a few afternoons at least.

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