Constant heater maintenance

As much as I love my dear husband, the holidays has him a little forgetful. I can’t say I blame him – I do need him to keep up for both our sakes though! Since my husband is a store manager for a big retail shopping center, he spends the holidays overworked and tied up. Between trying to make sure the location both has the hours for employees to do their work, and also staying within the allotted budget, it’s a lot to balance out. In December, even my wonderful husband tends to forget little household rules like turning off the vent hood in the bathroom and bedroom! While the vents help to remove moisture in the air of a bathroom or a bad smell from cooking, they suck up a lot more than just damp air and other smells. In doing so, your vent hood can remove a whole household’s worth of air that’s been warmed up by your central heater! This means your utility bill will go up quickly, and your heating plus cooling system has to work that much harder to try plus keep your home warm or cool in season. It doesn’t take long to cause a problem either! In just an hour, your vent hood will had displaced all of the warm air in your house to the frigid outdoors. Running the vents just for 20 minutes at a time can allow you to you can save a lot on your home’s furnace bills. Once New Years comes, I’ll be setting a reminder on my phone to go check the vent hoods every night before bed!


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