Zone control heating and cooling needs

I never knew how much easier my life would be with zone control thermostats in my home. That is, until I moved into this new place! It’s funny, really. I toured this place and didn’t notice all the thermostats at first. I was so taken with the gorgeous carpets, neat skylights, and the vaulted ceilings overhead. I didn’t think twice about it being a theme to see a thermostat in each room. All I knew was that the Heating and A/C system used an electric furnace, which was fine with me! As long as it wasn’t oil, it would do just fine. After my first day since moving in, I noticed that my little home had not just one thermostat, but four! My two-bedroom home had a thermostat in each bedroom, one for the kitchen, and another for the bathroom! It seemed excessive at first, for a thousand square foot home. I came to find its brilliance in time though, and having a thermostat in every room that can be closed up, I was able to heat the home just for my needs! This is great because I have guests here too, and I like being able to make sure they’re comfortable in the room as well. If it’s just me, I can simply turn off the heat in the spare bedroom with the Heating and A/C zone control thermostat. Then, when I do have a guest, the various thermostats allows us to set our bedrooms at the perfect temperature to rest easy! The home is never too hot or too cold. I love my Heating and A/C zone control, and I love it so much that I never want to move!

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