The care for our HVAC unit

One of my number one joys of this era is being able to make friends no matter where you are. With high speed internet and so many different apps for texting around the planet, it’s really simple to make new friends and keep in touch regardless of where they are. It’s so nice to be able to friends in places like Finland, Russia, and even Argentina! I like hearing about all of the differences from where each of us come from. I feel it’s important to know of everyone globally, as this helps to improve how the two of us view the world and each other as human beings. My buddy in Argentina has seasons totally opposite to where I live in the US, so when I’m in Winter cranking up the gas oil furnace to stay warm, she’s on the other side of the equator trying to cool down with central air conditioning! Meanwhile, my dear friend in Finland is contending with virtually no sunshine as she lives so close to the Arctic Circle. How cool is that? She has to use a type of UV light to help get the right levels of vitamin D, and the lack of sunshine makes her house get really cold – unless she has her oil boiler running round the clock. I can’t imagine how much HVAC repair is needed to keep a boiler running all the time! All this to contend with their subzero temperatures. In Russia, my friend there has a sauna in addition to nice radiant heated floors in her home. The sauna obviously helps to stay warm, and avoid getting sick in the winter!

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