Only using a stove for heating

Occasionally, I have to give it to my spouse as she knows what she’s doing. The two of us are quite romantic and tend to be stubborn at times, which means we tend to butt heads a lot. When it comes to spending lots of money, we really argue our finer points. We’re both thrifty types, so the two of us only make purchases after we’ve done a hefty amount of research on the subject beforehand. If she came to the house and told me she decided the two of us should get a pellet stove for the house, I’d be baffled. And yet, that’s exactly what she did! My first thought was simple: Why not just get a space heater? Won’t the pellet stove just make a lot of noise and create a mess? And how were the two of us going to keep a fire going all the time to even be helpful to supplement our oil furnace? Well, she sat me down and explained it all to me. The pellet stove was the most cost effective of all the wood stove options. Since it didn’t need electricity to work, it wouldn’t run up the utility bill like a space heater would. Plus, wood pellets were a pretty stable price all year long, while oil spiked by hundreds of dollars during the winter. I had to admit, it sounded like a great idea. Pellets would mean the two of us wouldn’t have to cut wood, either! Well, we had the pellet stove installed over a week ago, and I’ve since fallen in love with it. Sometimes, you just need to trust your spouse!

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