The house has an ideal heater

I never thought I would ever get a area heater; To me, they seemed pretty useless. For the longest time, I lived in a studio with electric heating. Then if the area central furnace is also putting out electric heat, what’s the point in even having 1? It’s all going to come out as wattage and cost exactly the same on my heating bill, if not worse depending on the efficiency rating of the area heater. Even gas heating is often cheaper than electric, so really, why bother? Well, I changed my tune last year when I finally settled down, got married, and moved into a house. I love our little house on the ocean, however I do not love the oil furnace. Sure, it heats the beach house up just fine, but the cost is outrageous and we’re still trying to save up for our vacation. Plus we have no additional Heating, Ventilation, and A/C zone controls because the house is so outdated that. That means there is only 1 temperature control controlling the entire heating and cooling plan for the whole cottage. I don’t want to heat up the whole beach house if we’re just going to be in the living room enjoying a movie. Well, my hubby surprised me by coming back to the beach house from a late shift 1 morning with an infrared area heater. This infrared technology, unlike other area heaters, works to heat up just us, not the whole house. Plus its so energy efficient that it barely pulls any wattage at all. This cool to the touch area furnace is exactly what we needed.

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