Water heating really did not go well

To begin with, this rental beach house looked like an awesome fit! But it’s been nothing but 1 problem after another ever since. Then ever since both of us moved in, its just be an endless array of troubles. From the start, I should have known it was too great to be true. But despite the fact, I wanted to give it a chance. The household water has been our latest annoyance. Since both of us rent an outdated beach house in the middle of nowhere, our place has well water plus not neighborhood water… This means our water just comes up from the earth plus into our house, is not treated by any plant. Then for some people, this must sound great. But the problem is that your water needs to be treated, plus our water filter system has never worked since both of us moved in. The proprietor assures us it’s fine, but it says on panel that its offline. And both of us think its not finally working, because both of us have drastic strenuous water troubles. Just to get clean dishes, every one of us need to put an additive in the dishwasher plus we descale the Keurig every two weeks! Now the strenuous water is even affecting the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C system. Every one of us had to call the proprietor to get a heating plus cooling supplier out here to look at the gas boiler because it was making an alarming racket. I particularly thought both of us were going to get the news of a whole modern boiler upgrade. But no, the problem was again caused by this strenuous water problem. Then just like the Keurig, both of us had limescale build up in the gas boiler. If our proprietor would just replace or service the water purifier, he would have never had to pay for the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C service to begin with.

HVAC set up

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