Children took over the HVAC settings

Recently, my boyfriend started this current job cleaning people’s homes… I thought it was neat because he was cleaning mansion sized homes; The homes were incredibly had some of the nicest Heating as well as Air Conditioning systems I have ever heard of; they were so expensive! My boyfriend was telling me there was nothing nicer than radiant heated floors as well as most of the sites he worked at had those installed. Then the other day he was telling me about this crazy experience he had… He was in this kae house cleaning up room to room– every single room he went into, it was incredibly frosty. He asked the homeowner why all the rooms were so chilly as well as the owner was shocked as well as said it felt just fine. Then the homeowner realized that his nephew must have been messing with the smart thermostat. This guy explained that there was Heating as well as Air Conditioning zone control in the lake home as well as every room was a separate zone. The heating as well as cooling in each room could be controlled by their smartphones, tablets, as well as even PCs. He went to confront his nephew as well as found out that he was cranking the air conditioner each time my boyfriend would go into the next room to clean, however he was trying to play a prank on him by freezing my boyfriend out. My guy thought it was kind of funny as well as wasn’t mad. The child apologized to him as well as said he should come back often to help clean the home as well as play games. The homeowner apologized for his nephew’s behaviour. My boyfriend said it was alright, youngsters will be youngsters.

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