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In my section, the housing market is horrendous.  Unless you find the absolute worst building in the least safe parts of town, you cannot find a many study room condo under $1,200 a month —inevitably full of mice plus roaches.  When I stumbled upon a newly built many study room duplex in a fairly nice neighborhood for only $750 a month, thinking I had found the deal of a lifetime, , I immediately jumped on it.  I couldn’t imagine that anything at all could be amiss with the venue if it had honestly just been built as it was displayed. Blinded by the sheer joy of thinking about moving in plus how I would decorate my new home, I took a quick walk through without inspecting much.  Yet this optimism would rear its ugly head on me… Finally when I went to go do a load of laundry for the certainly first time, things went awry. The landlord had put in a washer plus dryer from an older component that they were managing at the same time. I was cheerful about not having to bear that cost, so I didn’t do any of my due diligence in at least making sure the unit was safe to use.  Much to my dismay, the washing unit leaked all over my tile floor the first time I used it plus has soaked into the wood trim circling the floor in my laundry room. The smell of the wash water started to reek tremendously, since it was on the wash cycle with fairly dirty laundry; the walls even got a little moldy. While I wait for my repair appointment next week when I get all of the soaked wood removed plus replaced, I have installed an odor protection charcoal lined filter in my Heating plus Air Conditioning program to split back on the smell for the time being.  It doesn’t completely remove the odor from my air inside, however it makes a significant difference, especially while burning candles plus incense simultaneously.

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