A leaky mess with air cooling

My air handler plus oil furnace were always located in a special closet somewhere near the center of my house when I lived up north  Then I noticed that every single home in the development I lived in when I moved down south has their air handlers in their garages, at least the singles I’ve seen personally.  Up north it’s imperative to have oil furnace access somewhere where it is ideally not outdoor temperatures, although that’s anyone’s guess if your system is located in your basement.  In any event, for a single particular reason, I was leary of this trend down here. I had learned of a story about an older couple that died in their sleep from carbon monoxide poisoning because a single of them accidentally left the car running in the garage with the door shut.  Few people are unaware of the toxicity of car fumes, especially in closed spaces. Though you might ask how all of that exhaust managed to get into the home enough to kill the couple, plus the answer is their air handler. Regardless of age or manufacturer, it was leaky, as is any air handler. Then as the system cycled throughout the evening, it slowly drew in more plus more carbon monoxide… Yet you might have unknown sources of air contamination, even if you’re careful about leaving your garage door open for a little while after shutting down your engine each time.  People often store solvents, paints, fertilizers, pesticides, plus all sorts of deadly substances that create harmful fumes right in their garage on open shelves. When your door is shut plus your Heating, Ventilation plus A/C is on, these fumes are slowly making their way into your house, little by little over a long phase of time. Often you won’t guess that anything is wrong with your health until it is too late, since cancer can take decades to develop. Your best bet is to keep your air handler in your home away from contaminants plus poison.

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