Sitting around waiting for new HVAC

Sitting anywhere, for any length of time, is pure torture for me; I am just not the type person to sit still.  I adore it that way. From the moment I get out of bed, until the time I sit down, I am busy. So I should have expected the type of day I had when I agreed to take a neighbor in for surgery .  Sitting, in a warm stuffy waiting room, for hours on end was the worst thing ever. She was tied up for a simple procedure that would take a few hours but there was nothing that I could do. I needed to be there so I could notify her family once she was out of surgery, yet I had no way of knowing when that would be. I genuinely wish I could have turned down the heat.    The vents from the Heating plus A/C proposal were on overload, so much so, that I kept stepping outside to catch my breath… I had come prepared for it to be freezing with a sweatshirt plus long sleeved shirt, now, I was stuck feeling uncomfortable for hours while I waited. The warm air was making me tired plus my skin felt adore it was on fire. I don’t think that the hospital staff even notices because they were wearing long sleeves plus running around adore crazy. In that sluggish heat, I can’t see anything productive getting done. Maybe they are used to it. I was genuinely relieved when they finally called me back because she was in reclaimy.  I knew that my time there would be done in an hour or more than one plus I couldn’t wait.

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