The fitness center needs some a/c

I have a gym membership at the gym to go to in my area. They have everything you could possibly think of. They even run many different classes you can check out, including yoga. If ever there was a gym that was completely stocked with everything that you could possibly need to remain fit, it’s the gym that I’m going to these days. They even have a cafe and TVs all over the place. All of this is super neat, but there’s just one bugaboo. The gym owners do not use proper climate control, particularly when it comes to cooling. I’m not joking when I complain that as big and well-equipped as this gym is, the air conditioning is not used hardly at all, even in the dead of summer! I know I have to bring a ton of ice water, just to complete my workout routine in the heat. I have brought this to the attention of the dude who runs the joint time and time again, and it has become annoying at this point. He will ramble on about how heat fosters a better workout, because muscles are kept limber instead of being not as loosened from the cold. I really don’t understand why more customers don’t complain about there being practically no air conditioning. It’s as if all the other people who frequent the gym have bought into what is clearly just the man’s attempt at saving money on air!

a/c installation

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