The heater when eating out

If you went around interviewing people about some ruined dates they have had, I would bet a lot of money that most people would spill the beans on some pretty crazy stories! With my partner and I however, we do all right. For our first date, I anticipated we would hate it. My partner wanted to check out the mountains and spend the day at a snowy ski resort. I didn’t take him for a snow lover, so I was perturbed that this was going to be our first date. I very much prefer sitting all cozy by the heated gas furnace and binge watching netflix shows and avoiding the outside, so spending all day on the slopes without any proper heating was going to be an adventure for me, or at least I thought. However, things panned out super well. My date and I got along like two peas in a podl and had so much fun with each other, I didn’t despair about the cold or snow going up my pants during the afternoon that we spend practicing. After we wrapped up our lessons, we withdrew into the ski resort to warm up and eat supper. The lodge was invitingly warm and comfortable, with a delightful heated gas furnace near the entrance that warmed and dried us unbelievably fast. The food and hot chocolate they had was the best around. That date was many years ago, and as a couple, we are so happy looking back that we took a chance and had that crazy first date.

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