The hidden heating unit

Taking on the career of an HVAC repairman just made sense to me when I was growing up. I loved mechanical contraptions, I loved working with my own two hands and being friendly with people, and I liked assisting people out that were in need. One thing that I didn’t contemplate all those years ago was the fact that it is potentially deadly to be an HVAC repairman, especially when dealing with bulky units. I live and work way up in the north where it is cold and snowy, and this involves working with oversized and heavy heated gas furnaces. I was en route to a family’s house who had just been preparing an old furnace that had been giving them problems for me to inspect. This unit was downright ancient; more so than other heated gas furnaces that I had worked on in my long career, so I was having some delays finding what was causing the poor performance. After a long time, I finally called it quits and approached the man who had called me when suddenly I heard a terrible squeak and crash just behind me. Apparently, whatever crappy HVAC service company that installed their furnace into the alcove didn’t do a fantastic job, because the heap of metal came loose half a foot from me, sending metal and scraps of plastic sailing all over the place. If I had been standing just a wee bit closer, I might have been maimed or killed. I guess that I learned to look out for catastrophe on the job that day!

HVAC tune up

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