Hopeful for good cooling

After a while, I began to resent living in the south. At first, it was just the opposite every single day. I was relishing long walks with my dog, I was eating hot dogs in the sunny park, and I was just happy. That was until I got the monthly energy bill after a change in climate control systems. I had recently replaced my a/c unit with a much crappier one because mine had broken down, and I didn’t want to fork out tons of money at the HVAC service company, all for a brand new one. Looking back on it now, that was a grave mistake. The bill came, and I thought that I was going into shock. The bill just to keep the a/c running cost me an arm and a leg! I can’t shut off my a/c when I step out, because my puppy is back at home and I don’t want him to whine and cry for all those hours. I think my next best option is to go back from whence I came up north. Up in the north is where I am most familiar, but I really don’t wish to return to a perpetual winter. There is just something about staying glued to a heating system that I don’t want to endure it. The time is coming to make a decision sooner rather than later, because I really can’t afford another month of what is essentially double rent!

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