Giant hotel heater

There was this old fashioned, landmark hotel I used to work at. It was spooky like the one in The Shining. Well, I of course got the night shift there and sometimes I cannot deny seeing some crazy things, or hear some faint whispers out back in the kitchen and see doors breeze open and closed. The hotel was certifiably haunted. Well, not only would that be unsettling, but because it was such an old, historic hotel and was so poorly weather stripped, the primitive heat equipment couldn’t keep up and was also old fashioned. I entreated by boss for the heat to be turned up in that hotel, to keep me warm when no sun was shining through any windows. She said no because it would not help. I would properly dress for work in my fleece, layered with a sweater and a scarf. Sometimes I even wore double pants and double socks! Well, one day when I moped over to my desk, I sat down at the desk and felt something at my legs had not before. Something was there. It was a trusty little heater! I felt so very blessed to discover it. That little portable heater was so good at generating heat, I think it burned my leg hairs now and then when I insisted it be on full blast! I would set up shop in the smaller office because that was my best chance of staying cozy, not the the big lobby! Who would have known such a tiny little heater would make a girl so very happy during the graveyard shift at a haunted hotel!


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