Zone control and wifi thermostat

I’m one of those people that have the opportunity to work from home.  Working from home has been the best working environment of my life. I wondered if I would miss the office, but I sure do not. There is no setting an alarm  or dressing in uncomfortable clothing. I’m not forced to drive 25 minutes to get to the office. There is no one around to bother me, and I listen to my favorite music as loud as I want.  I often stay in my pajamas, drink whatever I want, and work whenever I want. However, I have learned to be disciplined in my schedule. I recently saved the money to make some great improvements to my office.  An ergonomic swivel chair and mahogany desk made quite an improvement. Best of all, I now have a smart thermostat and zone controlled HVAC. Now I can do whatever I want with temperature control, fan speed and HVAC management via accessing my smartphone or computer. There is a wall thermostat, but I no longer need to go to it. The smart thermostat has come to set, on its own, just where I want the temperature and when. The smart thermostat boasts many other features, including  informing me of maintenance requirements, energy saving opportunities, the level of humidity in the air, the temperature and weather outside and more. Zone control allows each individual section of my home to be a specific temperature, should I desire that. This is particularly useful for my office. I can keep this single room just where I want it, without paying to maintain the entire, empty house at a comfortable temperature when I don’t need to. This yields so many savings on monthly energy bills and reduces the workload on the HVAC system.  

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