Need a HVAC repair soon

My lady is 6 weeks pregnant right now, and she is due for a sonogram and check up today. I really wanted to join her at the office, however I am too stressed at work. I proposed the day free, however our current schedule is too packed to have the day off. My partner and I have 7 Heating and A/C repairs on deck for the morning. Normally, the two of us only have several or several calls. Everyone really is having Heating and A/C trouble at the same time, and that means laboring a very long 12-hour morning. My partner and I have been laboring in the Heating and A/C industry now for the past 6 years. Every one of us graduated from Heating and A/C technical university a few years back at the same time, and gained job offers from the same big dealer. My partner and I also have been laboring together since the start, and the two of us have great maintenance times working together. My partner and I usually spend most of the morning laboring on Heating and A/C maintenance jobs. Most of the Heating and A/C replacement jobs are completed by a sourced outside company. The Heating and A/C replacement jobs can take most of the morning easily. Since the two of us have a small crew, it’s better to subcontract these replacement jobs to another strange dealer. My partner and I handle Heating and A/C repairs most of the long morning, while a strange contractor handles all of our replacement jobs. I was honestly hoping for a slow morning, so I could join our lady at the appointment. Unfortunately, I guess I will have to wait to see the small black and white picture. It really doesn’t look care about I am going to be done with Heating and A/C maintenance calls today anytime soon. I hope our lady will understand.

HVAC tune up

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