The two us did the heater set up

There is no one more handy than my mother. My mom can handle just about any home maintenance and do it well. She has installed drywall as good as any  professional. She has even tackled minor electrical and plumbing jobs with success. Anything that requires heavy lifting and a bunch of power tools, my mother is the one to call. She is superior to an actual professional in my opinion. She does not hurry through a project and then leave a mess in the end.  There are no careless mistakes on her watch. That is why I called my mother when I invested in radiant heated floors for my home. Rather than pay an HVAC dealer to install the heater, I asked my mom to come over. The two of us installed the heated flooring without much trouble. It required a lot of time, however, but the project went smoothly. First off, if I had purchased hydronic heating, I might have chosen to call an HVAC  business. Hydronic heating combines complex piping and a boiler system being installed. But, I decided on electric heating which simply uses mats under the floorboards. All we needed to do was tear up my existing carpet and wood planks. My mom and I then fit the mats side by side beneath my flooring. The new flooring was added over top. It was rather tedious but not difficult. At the end of the project, I had confidence that my heating system was installed properly. I tried to pay my mom for all of the free labor. All she asked was a free dinner out of me. How great is that? I got a heating system replacement for a home cooked meal.

hydronic heater

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