HVAC filter reeks of lemon

My wife, Angela is obsessed with the scent of vanilla. Everything we use has to be vanilla scented. Our soap, fabric softener, body wash and scented candles and cleaners are vanilla scented. I am not a huge fan of the smell. Although I can suffer with it for my wife. Last weekend, Angela and realized we needed to change the air filter in our air conditioner. We ventured to the local hardware store where we discovered that the possibilities for air conditioner filters are endless. We had the choice between all sorts of sizes. The actual filter features different sized holes as well. The smaller the holes, the more debris the filter captures, which provides cleaner air quality. The filters are all different prices as well. There are more expensive washable air filter that clean up for use for a few months. We’d save money in the end with the larger initial investment.  Angela ignored everything but the scented air filters. They offered air conditioner filters that are vanilla scented. My wife was so delighted by this that we cleaned the store out. Angela and I now have dozens of vanilla scented air filters. If you’ve never tried a scented air filter, I don’t recommend. The vanilla smelled fine for a whole day. Afterwards, the smell turned really unpleasant. As dust gathered in the system, the vanilla started to smell really bad. By the end of the month, our home reeked of stale vanilla cookies. Now, both Angela and I hate the air filter being scented. We stupidly purchased a ton of the air filters and they are expensive. We are stuck using the vanilla scented filters for a while.

HVAC filter

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