Forced to fix the ac system

Being the only guy on a whole staff of ladies can be rough. I am consistently teamed up on and outmatched. The worst is when I get phoned into the shop simply because I am a dude. The store I work at has a faulty A/C unit. The air conditioning system system at all times will shut off and refuse to turn on. All the ladies call me when this happen. I suppose because I am a man, they suppose I am good at it. I am not exactly a tool belt wearing type of guy. I am fantastic with laptops and painting. Fixing an air conditioning system system system is a bit out of my league. But, because I get called all the time I have gotten better at doing it. I have acquired what to start with and go from there. The 1st thing I attempt is changing the ac filter on the A/C unit. I acquired that the cooling filter should be changed bi-weekly… There are times that the air conditioning system system just stops because it is blocked with dust and can’t operate efficiently. I then turn it on and scrub the inside. Periodically this will do the trick. If not, after that every one of us need to bust out the coolant and try that. If that does not do a thing, I take a look at the condensate drain. There are times the algae builds up and the air conditioning system system does not drain well. Removing the grime has the A/C firing back up instantly.

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