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When my hubby and I recently bought our new home, it was an old one. But this is what we wanted for the look of it. Only drawback is, that this home is so old, that it has never had heating and cooling in it other than a window unit.  I need to find a decent Heating and A/C company to make a sound decision on the heating and cooling provider I am going to use to fix this, and decide what kind of HVAC system I need. My first Heating and A/C supplier I called has suggested installing a ductless mini-split heating and cooling system in the house. The Heating and A/C provider recommends the ductless mini-split because HVAC duct is not necessary.  That sounds like a very good idea, since our place is older and does not have any HVAC ducts. I have such high, appealing ceilings, and I’m not inclined to put HVAC duct holes through them. I have to 100% agree with the Heating and A/C supplier guy on their choice of a heating and cooling ductless mini-split solution for our house. So after much online research, I I did decide this type of Heating and A/C technology is good for this old house.  The heating and cooling unit will be a top-of-the-line and brand new ductless mini-split system. I also think we are going to go with the HVAC specialist that suggested it, just because it was a great idea we would not have thought of!

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